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Wacker Neuson 2 Cycle Rammer BS 50-2 5200000641

Wacker Neuson 2 Cycle Rammer BS 50-2 5200000641

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The WM 80, 2-stroke engine, built for tough rammer applications

Wacker Neuson rammers have set the standard in the construction industry. These rammers are powered by the exclusive WM 80, the only 2-stroke engine specifically designed and built for vibratory rammers and meets EPA and European air emission standards. Wacker Neuson's rugged rammers are designed for maximum production, performance and durability.

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Technical Data:

SKU: 5200000641

Operating data

Operating weight  129 lb
Ramming shoe size (WxL) * 9.8 x 13 in
L x W x H  26.5 x 13.5 x 37 in
Percussion rate max. 715 blows/min
Stroke at the ramming shoe 1.71 in
Operating speed Travel Speed 25.9 ft/min
Surface capacity Compaction 1,274 ft²/h


Engine / Motor

Engine / Motor type  air-cooled single-cylinder two-cycle gasoline engine 
Engine / Motor manufacturer  Wacker Neuson 
Engine / Motor  WM 80 
Displacement  4.9 in³
Fuel consumption  0.26 US gal/h
Operating performance Max rated Power ISO 3046-1 2.2 hp
at rpm  4,400 rpm
Tank capacity Fuel 3.2 US qt
Gasoline / oil mixture Ratio 100:1 
*Ramming shoes available in a range of widths.

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