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Workholding Devices

A full range of well-designed, high pressure, hydraulic Workholding devices used to provide powerful clamping and positioning force to every type of manufacturing process. Global distribution yet local technical support ensure that your application needs will be solved successfully. Exclusive workholding cylinder series used for punching and clamping in automotive manufacturing. A wide selection of high-performance hydraulic power units bring innovation and reliability to your project challenges.

70 Bar - Low pressure workholding

70 Bar Products

Collet Lok® Products

Collet Lok® Products

Swing Cylinders - clamping cylinder

Swing Cylinders

Wireless Pressure Monitoring System

Wireless Monitoring

Hydraulic Work Supports

Work Supports

Linear Cylinders

Linear Cylinders

Power Sources - hydraulic power units

Power Sources

Workholding Valves


System Components

System Components