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Wacker Neuson CT36 & CT48 Trowel Handle

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Handles Options:

Standard guide handle with adjustable handle and fixed center pole.

Height adjustable handle with Pro-Shift® System
enables continuous adjustment of the floating blade pitch as well as individual height adjustment. 

Standard guide handle with adjustable handle and foldable center pole 
for easy transport


Different handles for ultimate ease of use:


Handle adjustment Pro-Shift® 
Fixed center pole Folding center pole

Guide handle T

SKU# 0165462

Guide handle Fold-T

SKU# 0165463

Guide handle ADJ-T

SKU# 0165465

Guide handle Fold ADJ-T

SKU# 0165464

Guide handle ADJ-P

SKU# 0165467

Guide handle Fold ADJ-P

SKU# 0165466

All of these handle versions are available for all models of walk-behind trowels.

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